July 26, 2008

All About Anne

This is my latest read: A Lady Raised High, by Laurien Gardner. It is the story of Anne's rise to the crown, then her equally alarming fall. It is told from the perspective of one of Anne's ladies, Frances Pierce. Frances was a nobody, the daughter of a baronet, that is a farmer. Anne sees much of herself in her, and decides to elevate her status. Frances's story revolves around her love and devotion for Anne and the love she shares with her husband, Sir Jack Carlisle.

I really enjoyed this book. It is a quick read, that is for sure. I finished it in about two
days time. Gardner's writing style is simple and is designed to intrigue her readers who do not perhaps have a true grasp for the historical facts about Anne Boleyn's life. While this is obviously fiction, it is really quite entertaining. I would and will recommend this book to those who are looking for more accounts of Anne. This one especially because it portrays her from the perspective of someone who was behind Anne and believed in her virtue and devotion to Henry. It makes for a nice change of pace from the stories that always make Anne a horrible manipulative witch. Whether she was one or not, I don't know. But it is fun to read a familiar tale with a different twist.

book is one in a trilogy about the Tudor women. Gardner also wrote a book about Catherine of Aragon (which for some reason none of my local book stores carry), and another one about Jane Seymour (which I will start reading later this weekend). I'm really excited about the Jane Seymour book because I've never really read much about her. I will of course post what I think about it once I'veread it.

On another personal note, I found an apartment! For one person, it's rather big and is also quite affordable. I was
shocked to be able to find something that I loved and was able to afford on a student's budget. I move in at the end of August, and I can't wait!

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