August 11, 2008

Another Nicholas Sparks Under the Belt

Well I FINALLY finished Nights In Rodanthe. It's probably Nicholas Sparks's smallest book. So why did it take so long? Well, I'm so busy with getting ready to move into a new apartment and trying to organize my next two years of school plus am trying to find myself a job to keep some sort of income coming in now that my internship is over. Needless to say, Nicholas Sparks was not a priority.

, the story was a decent one, as all of his stories are. It was a bit uneventful but still managed to keep me entertained. It's a story about finding love when you least expect it and losing that love just as unexpectedly. I didn't really care very much about the characters in this book, which is unfortunate for a Sparks book. Usually that's what drives the reader to be engaged in his stories. I was warned by my mother and my best friend that this story was not one of Nicholas Sparks's best, and I would have to agree with both of them. If your goal is to read all of his books, like it is one of mine, it's not that bad. But if you really want to get a taste for what he's all about,don't start with this one.

I know
they're making a movie out of this book, coming out in September and starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere. Diane Lane is a perfect casting for this, but Richard Gere is way off in my opinion. Paul Flanner I pictured being rugged and sexy. Now when I think of Richard Gere, all I can see is his portrayal of Billy Flynn in Chicago. Either way I look forward to seeing it, so we shall see how successful it really will be.

Now I'm reading another one of Diana Gabaldon's wonderful Outlander books and will then move on to get another Jane Austen under that belt. Happy Reading!

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