June 10, 2008

I'm An Addict

Confession: I spent an hour on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites today looking for recommended reading based on my particular tastes.

Now the question is why did I spend this much time on said websites? Answer: my roommate, a fellow book nerd, and I have a date at Barnes & Noble tomorrow because there are two books she wants to buy and asked me along because she knows that I can’t say no. But, Holly, why does that constitute you being on websites for so long if you’re just going to the store tomorrow? you ask. Well, my friend, I was doing research into which book I would select for purchase to add to my library. I wish I were joking.

Most sorority girls will go to the mall and spend an obscene amount of money on clothes, or jewlery, or shoes. And while I love all of those things, being a sorority girl myself, I find spending $10-$15 on a book that will forever remain in my library such a more exhilerating experience. I feel this will be my downfall as far as throwing my money away goes. Spending that little a month may not seem like a huge expense, and it isn’t, even for a poor college student. However, the more books I buy, the more bookshelf space that I will need to purchase. Both fortunately and unfortunately, I do not see my library expansion coming to a hault anytime in my future.

I’ve had an epiphany. I am addicted to books. They are not just my hobby. I honestly believe that I am addicted to purchasing, keeping, alphabetizing, and treasuring them. I treat them as though they are my trophies because books deserve respect (something that your library “teachers’ in elementary school no doubt drilled into your brains, mine would be so proud. I have visions of someday lining an entire office with bookshelves that are over-stuffed with some of my favorite works. Perhaps someday it will economically be possible.

All of that being said: My name is Holly, and I’m a book addict.

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