June 10, 2008

Cancun Candidates

My college graduation is quickly approaching (please don’t ask me what my plans are… I can’t take it anymore). To celebrate, my parents decided to take a family vacation (mom, dad, me, Matthew my little 20 year-old brother is actually much bigger than I) to Cancun in Mexico. Needless to say, I’m thrilled. I’ll get to travel to a new country that I’ve never experienced. I’ll also get to get a killer tan and just relax in warm weather.

None of these things are as exciting to me as one aspect of what this trip means. I am excited to pack. Not clothes, or toiletries, or beauty products… no, I am excited to pack my books (go figure, right?). In true MissHolly fashion, I have made a long list of candidates, that is which books (roughly between 6-8 because I read fast) I am going to take with me for the plane ride, the hours relaxing on the beach, the time to fill during lay-overs.

Choosing books to read while traveling can prove to be quite difficult. Typically, you’ll want to take something simple and relaxing. Something that will provide entertainment without making you think too hard. I mean, come on, it’s vacation, who wants to think? However, for a person like me who reads very quickly, it is impossible to read that much (remember, 6-8 books) mindless material in one trip. So what is a book lover to do? I’ve made a list of every book that I am considering taking (paperbacks only, you never know what the sun and water will do to your pricey hardcovers). Slowly, but surly, I will make my way through said list, reading synopsis, reviews, etc. to help me decide if it is an acceptable “Beach Read.” And then there is the guiltiness of choosing favorites. Perhaps only experienced by a true book lover, but picking one book out of your library over another sometimes feels like choosing which puppy out of the litter you’re going to purchase from the pound. Thank goodness the books can’t whimper because otherwise, I’d be packing one outfit to make room for the entire contents of my library. Regardless of the guilt, I have to limit my choices as books take up too much room and airlines now-a-days only allow you one carry-on bag and purse, if you’re female. I might cheat and bring a carry-on and a large purse that I can fit two more books into. So I have decided to list the “Cancun Candidates” I have so far. Warning, they aren’t groundbreaking, earth changing books… so don’t judge me! I swear once I return from Mexico I will tackle another one of the five remaining Jane Austen novels on my TBR Mountain (TBR= to be read). Feel free to give me some insight as to what you think I should be taking, or just skip over it.

1) Lauren Weisberger - Chasing Harry Winston - I know that I will be taking this because my mother is dying to read it also. She’s the author of The Devil Wears Prada. So this will be one of my mindless material books.

2) Philippa Gregory - The Wise Woman - It has witchcraft, love, and royalty. What more could you possibly want in a book? Not sure if its going to be a good vacation read, but I’m really excited to read this.

3) Jennifer Weiner - Good In Bed - Another good mindless material book… but with a lot of sentiment to it. This would be another book that I am sure my mother would borrow from me on the trip. However, the title would make me blush in front of my father.

4) Annie Sanders - Goodbye, Jimmy Choo - The title explains that it’s mindless: i.e. the perfect beach read.

5) Diana Gabaldon - Lord John and the Private Matter - My favorite author. It’s historical fiction that is incredibly accurate. I have yet to dip into her Lord John books… so I’m anxious to. But I’m not so sure if Cancun is the place for it. Then again, maybe an airport is.

6) Philippa Gregory - Wideacre - It’s another historical fiction that’s a little more fluffy than Gabaldon or the other Gregory work I have listed above. Not really sure why I wanted to bring this one, but I do know that she’s another one of my top authors.

7) Amanda Grange - Mr. Darcy’s Diary - It’s Pride and Prejudice told from Mr. Darcy’s perspective. I know that Austenites will hate that this is something to even be considered, but I can’t help it. P&P is one of my favorite novels of all time. My curiosity about sequels to it has peaked.

8.) Emily Giffin - Something Borrowed - I’ve been told that it is really adorable and well written chick lit. Again: the perfect “Beach Read.”

So I realize that there are eight total that I could take. But keep in mind, that those are the ones that I picked the first time going through my library. Lord only knows what will happen once I go through it again. Or, heaven forbid, I end up wandering through Borders with an open checkbook. Wish me luck on my pickings

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