June 24, 2008

Those Who Capture My Eye

No reviews today... I'm still chugging along on Diane Haeger's The Ruby Ring. I'm biting back comments that I wish I could make, but I will save it for when the book is finished, which needs to be by the end of the month so that I can add it to my list for the monthly report.

Today I was thinking about my trend in reading. I don't mean choosing historical fiction, because that's quite obviously what I am most often drawn to. But I typically also veer toward specific historical figures when choosing a story to read. Now, why I do this? I have no idea. Some because they were genuinely interesting people with lives that could read like a bad soap opera. (Come on, Henry VIII hooking up with Mary Boleyn only to trade her in to marry her own sister, thus breaking with the church and declaring his own divorce? All My Children or Days Of Our Lives would KILL for that!)

I think my favorites are stories about Henry VIII and his many, many, many wives. That sort of automatically makes The Boleyn family rather interesting and one of my favorites as well. I must have at least 25-30 books revolving around these characters on my TBR pile. And I am anxious to read every single one of them. Going along with Henry, the entire Tudor dynasty is intriguing. They, Richard III, and French courtesans capture my interest with only a single word.

My attempts have been to broaden my historical fiction scope. Hence why I am reading the Haeger book now... it is about a painter in 1520 Rome and the woman he falls in love with. But that's for another day.

Next post look for my review! Happy reading!

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