June 20, 2008

Third Time's Not As Charming

This is her third book, and as you can infer from the post title, it wasn't fantastic. Though it wasn't awful either. In short, it was the perfect chick lit book that worked very well for the plane ride home from Mexico.

This one centers around three friends: Leigh, Emmy, and Adrianna. Leigh is in publishing and lives the "perfect life" that leaves her feeling slightly empty. Emmy is the one with only eyes for marriage and tries to make a life change to be a little more "loose with it." And that leaves Adrianna. She's one of the most beautiful women in NYC who is a bit Samantha Jones. She, naturally, tries a shot at monogamy and a job for the first time in her life. The story revolves around the idea of endless friendship and personal growth.

Again, I did like this book a reasonable amount. It wasn't nearly as good as her others, but it still was enjoyable if you like these chick lit kind of books, which I do when I need a break from serious historical fiction. Weisberger's type of writing sort of cleanses my reading palate. After all of the ones I have read lately, this book was a sort of breath of fresh literary air. Something simple and sweet and really easy to read. I just wish Weisberger could muster up enough storyline to compete with her best book to date, The Devil Wears Prada. I doubt she'll ever be able to recapture that magic.

I know
I said I was happy for a break from historical fiction, but come on... I can't stay away that long. Up next for me is Diane Haeger's The Ruby Ring.

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