December 26, 2008

The Crowned Winner: Jane Seymour

The results are in! Your favorite wife of Henry VIII's is none other than third wife, Jane Seymour!

Jane Seymour was born roughly 1508-1509. She was not a very educated woman, according to historians. It was said that she could read and write only her name. Her studies focused more on needlework and the instruction of how to run a household. She served as a lady to both queen Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. While she was serving under Anne Boleyn, she caught the king's eye because she was the anti-Anne. Instead of being hot tempered with dark eyes, hair, and skin, Jane was of a mild temperament and had pale skin and blonde hair.

Jane became betrothed to Henry VIII only a day after the execution of her predecessor, Anne Boleyn. It was said that while Anne was being brought to the block, Henry was riding out to Jane's home to secure her hand. She was soon after named Queen Consort of England. She was, however, never crowned. Historians believe that Henry refused to crown her until she did her duty as a queen and gave him a male heir. Jane achieved this feat when she gave birth to her only child, Edward (who would later become king). Shortly after the birth of Edward, Jane died.

Henry honored Jane in a manner that befit a true queen. He mourned her death and called her his "one true wife," because she gave him the thing he wanted most: a son. He did not remarry for three years after her death. The painting below was painted when Henry was married to his sixth wife, Katherine Parr. He said he wanted a family portrait of himself, his son, and his two daughters, with their rightful mother. When the painting was revealed, Jane Seymour's face had been painted in place of Katherine Parr's.

Here are the full results:
1. Jane Seymour....................27%
2. Anne Boleyn......................24%
3. Catherine of Aragon...........20%
4. Anne of Cleves...................18%
5. Katherine Parr....................9%
6. Katherine Howard...............2%

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