January 7, 2009

A Post About The Host

The Host is considered to be Stephenie Meyer's first adult novel. An alien species, called Souls, invades Earth and takes uses human bodies as their host bodies. One soul, called Wanderer, inhabits a girl named Melanie's body. But Melanie is not so willing to just hand herself over to her new host. The two despise each other immediately. However, Melanie gives Wanderer access to her memories about her true love, Jared. Soon, Wanderer finds herself falling in love with the memory of Jared. Together, Melanie and Wanderer make the dangerous journey to find him. Once she does, will Jared believe her that Melanie still lives on within her? Will he still love her? Or will he want to kill her since Wanderer is technically the alien enemy? The Host is an emotional and exciting story and deserves the classification of "Sci-Fi Lite."

I got this as a Christmas gift this year and I must say that I really loved this. I was hesitant about reading it because I thought there was no way that Stephenie Meyer would write a better story than Twilight storyline. And while I think Bella and Edward's story is better, this was still very good. It begins a little slowly with explaining the alien's ways of life, but begins to pick up once her and Melanie have a common goal. I found myself flipping page after page for hours without even looking up. I really enjoyed the story. If you liked Stephenie Meyer's writing style in the Twilight books, then this is definitely worth reading. Warning: do not read this immediately after reading any of the Twilight books. Give yourself a break first and then dive into this. She seems to have the outlook that true love is a physical need that is controlled only by fate. The Bella/Edward fate is played out much better than the Melanie/Jared fate. Hence the reason I suggest a break between reading the two. I found that her secondary male character, Ian, was much more lust-worthy.

I don't usually think about books being turned into movies while I am reading them. But this time, I just couldn't stop thinking about how much I would love to see the events played out on the big screen. As far as who I think should play who, I have no idea. I just really think this would make a wonderful movie. Come on, Steph, make it happen!

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