March 25, 2009

Devastatingly, Inhumanly Beautiful

You have spoken! The votes are in, we have a winner who won by a landslide! The most swoon-worthy "book boy" is none other than my personal favorite, Edward Cullen.

For those of you who live under a rock and do not know who he is, Edward Cullen is Stephenie Meyer's creation. He is Bella Swan's love interest in her best-selling Twilight saga and is a vampire. Upon first seeing Edward, Bella describes him as being "devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful." As you read through the series, you learn that Edward is an accomplished pianist (swoon), is strong and protective (swoon), has all of the qualities of being a good father (swoon), and is ultimately a sucker (no pun intended) for love (SWOON SWOON SWOON). And perhaps one of Edward's greatest appeals is that he can live forever. The idea of possibly living forever in love with him is enough to make any female want to trade in her heartbeat for a life of hunting in Washingtons state's damp woods. (You'd have to read the books to understand that... and you should go read them if you haven't already!)

Oh, and if you need a visual for just how beautiful Edward Cullen really is, I've provided you with a collage of Robert Pattinson's portrayal of Edward in Twilight, the movie. Do I really need to say "swoon" again? The second movie is due out in theatres in late November of this year and is currently filming.

So Edward Cullen, you are the most desired "book boy" out there! But here are our other honorable mentions:

1. Edward Cullen .................... 48%
2. Jamie Fraser ....................... 24%
3. Fitzwilliam Darcy ................ 18%
4. Frederick Wentworth ........... 6%
5. Rhett Butler ......................... 3%

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Moira said...

Oh I couldn't agree more. Though if we went strictly on guys in that movie, I am sure that would be quite the debate. (I have a soft spot for both Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone, though Pattinson still wins out.)

Nice collage!