January 2, 2010

My First of 2010!

During my long car ride back to Ohio from Niagara Falls, NY, I indulged in some pleasure reading and managed to finish my first book of the new year! (By the way, Happy 2010, everybody!!) My first read had witchcraft, love, sex, and murder... Suffice it to say, my first read was very entertaining!

"In Holling's superb trilogy, it's 1597, and Scotland is no place for witches. After Alan MacDonell's wife was burned at the stake, he sent his three daughters away. Now he is dying and sends three escorts to bring them back to marry men he believes will protect them from the witch hysteria.The third sister, Rose, is a healer. In My Shadow Warrior, she tries to heal their father. Nothing works, so she writes letter after letter to her last resort, the Wizard of the North. When the wizard won't come to her, she goes to him. William MacKay is a virtual recluse whose own villagers turn on him any time he tries to help. He not only heals but he also takes the offending pain onto himself. Rose is shocked at the danger he puts himself in.Medieval Scotland comes to life in Holling's tantalizing trilogy, and each book is moving and engrossing, as each tormented hero is saved, not by the powers of the MacDonell sisters but by their love. Through her alluring characters, Holling celebrates the triumph of good over evil, especially in dangerous times, and no one should miss these fine romances."

The synopsis above, taken from Amazon.com, hits the nail right on the head. This third installment in the MacDonell sisters trilogy is just as good as the first and second. Holling's writing is easy to read and flows really well. This book offers some historical background, but should not be looked at for an accurate account of the witch hunts in Scotland. This is the perfect book for a weekend of traveling or should be enjoyed at home on a cold night with a glass of pinot noir. Don't let the bodice ripping cover fool you, there is a good story to be found within!

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