January 8, 2010

The New Poll

Happy Friday! Normally I would throw out a TGIF or two when I post on a Friday... but not this time. If today is Friday, January 8 - then that means tomorrow is Saturday, January 9. My big Praxis II exam is tomorrow, and I could not be more nervous about it. Consider updating this my study break from cognitive development theories. I have a new poll! Allow me to introduce it to you.

Quite simply, which of the following authors would you most want to meet if you had to choose between Stephen King, Ian McEwan, Stephenie Meyer, Rick Riordian, J.K. Rowling, and Alice Sebold. I chose some pretty contemporary authors this time. Next time, we'll see some more oldies but goodies. Here's a little bit about each author's work:

*Stephen King: He's considered the king of horror novels. King knows how to take a ghost story and twist it into something truly terrifying. Best known work: The Shining (though it's tough to pick just one).

*Ian McEwan: This author pens novels that will get you thinking about all sorts of different aspects of being human. With McEwan, you either hate him or love him. Best known work: Atonement.

*Stephenie Meyer: Ah yes, the vampire's best friend. She made vampires totally cool again with her lusty, romantic vamp Edward Cullen, made famous by Robert Pattinson. Best known work: Twilight, DUH.

*Rick Riordian: This guy has tackled it all. He has penned some intriguing adult mystery novels and has even broken into the young adult lit scene with his fabulous Percy Jackson series, being made into a movie coming to theatres soon! Which will make his best known work: The Lightning Thief.

*J.K. Rowling: Does she really need an introduction? She's the wealthiest living author, and it's no wonder why. She penned the phenomena known as Harry Potter, the story of a boy wizard who conquers evil with nothing more than good will and love. Best known work: Any of the Harry Potter books.

*Alice Sebold: This author burst onto the comtemporary literature scene quite suddenly, it would seem. Her novels touch some people, and leave others with a great sense of unease. Best known work: The Lovely Bones.


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