March 20, 2010

I've Got The Beach... Just Need A Book!

Greetings all! Two posts within the same week? Shocking coming from me. But I am in need of your help. Being the person that I am, I am already planning the logistics of my trip to Mexico this June. For any of us avid readers, the hardest part about going on vacation is choosing how many and which books to take with us! Do I try to tackle that classic that I've been dying to read? Or do I take it easy and relax with some mindless chick lit? Or do I find some middle ground with a good historical fiction read that doesn't take itself too seriously? OR do I just take up all of the extra room in my suitcase and pack ten books and choose which fits my mood that day?

AHH! What's a girl to do?

So here's where I need as much help as I can get. I have some books that have been sitting on my bookshelf forever. I prefer taking books I own on vacation in case I lose them or damage them in some way. There's something horrible about damaging a library book to me. However, for a good book, I am more than willing to take the risk. Here are the books that I was thinking about... please comment with your opinion!

Laurien Gardner - The Spanish Bride (a novel about Katherine of Aragon)
Kristin Hannah - True Colors (chick lit to the extreme)
Jane Austen - Emma (I cannot believe I have never read this!)
Georgette Heyer - Lady of Quality (historical fiction... Heyer is a genius)
Diana Gabaldon - The Fiery Cross (need to finish the Outlander series)
Markus Zusak - The Book Thief (Holocaust lit... maybe not so good for vacation?)
Jodi Picoult - Perfect Match (definitely good for girls)
Dennis Lehane - Shutter Island (movie was fantastic, book must be too!)
Jennifer Weiner - Good In Bed (chick lit)

That's what I have so far... but I need your input!

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Katie said...

I'd definitely go with a light read.. much easier to put down and pick back up if you fall asleep in the sun!

I've never read Emma, but it's definitely on my list!

I read "Good in Bed" awhile ago.. I remember it being pretty good, but nothing amazing.