March 28, 2010

Up For A Challenge?

I am, I am!!! Although I doubt I will be able to complete the challenge, I will do my best!

The challenge is to read at least 100 books by December 31, 2010. There aren't too many rules. You may reread a book that you read in a previous year. However, you cannot read the same book twice in 2010 and count it twice. So, the one rule is that the 100 books you read must all be different.

I am off to a dismal start so far but am optimistic about catching up during my vacation to Mexico and during the summer when life calms down a little bit. This will be the first summer in six years that I have not had to worry about moving! What a relief it is too. I cannot wait to relax by the pool and read some of the books that have sat ignored on my bookshelf.

I will try to complete the challenge, and I challenge you to do the same! Periodically, I will post my progress... if you have some suggestions on books I should read this year, feel free to drop me a message!

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