June 10, 2008

My May Reading

I belong to a community within my LibraryThing community called “Book of the Month.” Here, the members, about six of us total, at the first of every month, report on the previous month’s books we all read. We then go on to choose a favorite among out own lists. In January of 2009, we will review every book that was chosen from each month by all of us and then collectively pick a favorite. Whoever has not read said book, must do so (or we cut off a finger for every month that reading that book is delayed, we’re sort of passionate about this whole thing…. just kidding, obviously). But anywho, I realize that LibraryThing is not everyone’s thing. I decided in addition to sharing my reads with my LT friends that I would share it here as well.

1. Alexandra Robbins - Pledged- I had actually already read this, but really enjoyed it and wanted something kind of different from my typical fiction to read. It’s obviously about sorority life. Robbins shadowed a few sorority girls around their campus and wrote a tell-all book about it, including a bunch of research that she did. It was based on southern sororities, because as a member of an Ohio sorority, Greek like is not the way it is written about in this book up here. All in all, it was interesting. Something I would recommend every sorority girl to read… but if you’re on the fence about rushing, maybe don’t read this… especially if you’re rushing in Ohio.

2. Candace Bushnell - Sex And The City - Another reread… this one was in honor of the release of the movie. I generally don’t like this book because the television series was so fabulous (sorry to drop the f-bomb, but it’s the only word that can be rightly used). However, it is a staple book in every chick lit collection.

3. Jean Plaidy - Loyal In Love - Also called Myself My Enemy. I loved this book, it’s the story of Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I. It mostly revolves around religion struggles but also focuses on the romance between Henrietta and Charles. I love anything Jean Plaidy, and I ate this book right up.

4. Michel Faber - The Crimson Petal and the White - This was one was tough to get through… not because it wasn’t good. It was phenomenal (and was my pick for the month). However, it’s roughly 850 pages. So it felt like it took FOREVER to read. It’s all about a prostitute’s rise from the lowest whorehouse to dwelling in a middle class home. Faber is called the “modern day Dickens,” and I think is just as brilliant.

5. Jeffrey Eugenides - The Virgin Suicides - I loved this book. It came in a close second place for my pick of the month. I always wanted to read this after loving the movie. It did not disappoint. It is very depressing and is definitely written in a distinct style. But it’s fantastic, in my humble opinion.

6. Georgette Heyer - Cotillion - If you haven’t gotten the gist of my reading preferences, then allow me to clarify. I love romances set in the past. Historical fiction with romance in it, typically regency writing or during the Tudor era… but I’m not picky. This was no exception. Heyer very much so puts me in the mind of Jane Austen, only different. She’s tough to put into words, but I loved this book. And it certainly will not be the last Heyer book I read.

So there you have it folks, my May reads. June will no doubt bring many, many more as I have a vacation coming up that will be consumed by reading on the beach. And since school is out, I plan on lots more time in the sun with a good book.

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Amy said...

I loved, loved, loved the Crimson Petal and The White...and yes it did seem to take forever to read, but so worth it!