November 27, 2008

Which Historical Queen Are You?

************************Elizabeth I*****************************
**************You scored 61% on ruling power!*******************

You are: Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603. With a childhood full of political intrigue, it was assumed that Elizabeth would never become queen. But she did, and as queen managed for a time to quiet her Catholic population with acts of tolerance, promote government reforms, strengthen the currency, and forward the growth of a capitalist economy. Highly educated, she also turned her court into a great center of learning. Elizabeth's foreign relations were uneasy. Always pressured to marry to form political alliances, she diplomatically seemed to consider it, but in the end always refused. Her greatest success was the defeat of the invading Spanish Armada in 1588 in the waters off England's west coast. Her greatest failures were the suppression of uprisings in Ireland and her long wars. During Elizabeth's colorful 45 year reign, England became a strong European power, a vibrant commercial force, and an place of intellectual accomplishment. The "Elizabethan age" rightly was one of England's most fascinating eras.

This was sort of fun. I did this while I was bored and couldn't sleep. I think it's really neat that I turned out to be Elizabeth I. I haven't gotten around to reading a whole bunch of fiction about her yet because I want to get through as much about her father and mother/stepmothers as I can. I do look forward to reading more about her though.

I would love to see what everyone else turns out to be! So I'll close this post with a link. Leave me your results in my comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Here is the link:

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